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01 Great Support

We believe sustaining and nourishing the health of your website is the most important aspect to a successful web presence. Therefore, supporting our clients is a top priority.

02 Design for Web

On the Internet, perception is reality. Website visitors make presumptions about your company's professionalism and culture solely on the design of your website. Our process helps build brand integrity, communicate your message, and engage your customers.

03 Web Marketing

Great Google rankings, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and innovative Social Media Marketing strategies are so effective, we wonder why more organizations don't take advantage of them. What online marketing services fit your business?

04 Commercial Photography

Photography geared for businesses. Examples would include advertisements, brochures, product placements, billboards, websites, merchandising, business cards, corporate brochures, leaflets, menus, and much more.

05 Videography

High-quality corporate video production for business endeavors of all shapes and sizes. If you’ve got an image to build, a vision to share, or a story to tell, we can help.

Welcome to KLT Design!

You need it? We probably do it.

About KLT Design

KLT Design is a website and graphic design agency based in Waupun, WI. We specialize in creating digital solutions, dynamic websites, and sharp print collateral for businesses and churches of all sizes.


We utilize multiple, modern technologies and software to produce high quality products you'll love.


Our prices are the best you’ll find among similar design agencies. We offer great products.. at great prices... period.


Our desire is to form a relationship with our clients that will last for years. Therefore, supporting our clients is a top priority for us.

What we do

We do more than just design websites; we tackle the big issues like usability, content strategy, identity/ branding, and traffic generation. After all, what good is a shiny new website if it’s painful to use or if no one knows it’s there?

Website Design

Unique, visually striking websites that engage users, encouraging them to continually return to the site. All sites are user friendly, can be navigated effortlessly and use the latest web standards to ensure functionality across all modern browsers.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no point having a ‘tip top’ website if nobody can find it. Our websites are optimized for search engines, which allows search engines like Google and Bing to find your site quickly and easily and index relevant content on your site.

Branding and Identiy

Brands created and developed by KLT Design are unique, distinctive and consistent ensuring that your brand conveys professionalism and the quality it deserves.


    • A considered, well-designed logo will not only give your company a professional, credible image, but it will also give your business a unique identity and instant recognition.
    • More and more companies are embracing social media as a marketing and communication tool. Ensure that your social media presence is engaging, appealing and consistent with your companies’ brand.
    • While a striking visual layout will entice users and clients, it is important that the content is relevant and engaging. We work in-house, along with a number of amazing copywriters who can bring your content to life.


We can help your business with all of your printing needs:  flyers, brochures, business cards, banners, posters, stickers, menus, wall graphics, and much more.  Almost anything you need printed, we can not only handle, but help you get a great price as well!!


We offer professional video production and digital cinematography, including full-featured commercial broadcast HD videography, wedding videography, and editing services. We produce creative and lasting media content for television, web, trade shows and more at a fraction of the cost major city production studios charge.

Commercial Photography

We offer photography services geared for businesses.  Examples would include advertisements, brochures, product placements, billboards, websites, merchandising, business cards, corporate brochures, leaflets, menus, and much more.


First impressions matter.  And statistics have shown that within seconds of viewing your website, users have formed an opinion about your business.  So whether you realize it or not, your website (or lack of one) is sending out a message, quickly answering questions

  • Is this business legit?
  • Do they look reliable?
  • Does this business “get it” or are they out of touch?
  • Can this business help me?
  • What is their business culture?

We want to help you take control of the message your online presence is giving.  Contact us today and let’s get started!

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Our Skillset

Most projects require multiple skills in order to complete. At KLT Design, we do our work in-house, not relying on outside contractors which, in turn, saves you a lot of money.

Web Design 95%
Photoshop 90%
Photography 75%
Videography 78%
Graphic Design 75%
Wordpress 85%
Search Engine Optimization 80%

Did you know?

More people are now browsing websites from their mobile devices than from desktops or laptops. We can help ensure that your viewers will have a great viewing experience across all devices.

Designed for Mobile

Our sites are compatible throughout all mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Android OS.

Better Experience

We use modern web standards and techniques while creating your mobile site so that your clients will have a great web experience.


Mobile Menus

We ensure that navigating through your mobile website is intuitive and fluid.

Faster Loading

Our websites are optimized for quick loading times. This is particularly important for users viewing your website over a mobile network.

Keep in Touch

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