How are people searching for Sheboygan??

How are people searching for Sheboygan??

Top 10 Searches For “Sheboygan” In October

As a digital marketer, we like to keep an eye on what people are searching for in our area in case we see trends beginning to emerge.  Here are the top 10 search categories for Sheboygan related keywords. The data below was taken from a Google keyword report and are nationwide results for the month of October.

10.  Things to do in Sheboygan

9.  Sheboygan Police Department

8.  Restaurants in Sheboygan

7.  Sheboygan Jobs

6.  Sheboygan News

5.  UW Sheboygan

4.  Sheboygan Weather

3.  Sheboygan Hotels

2.  Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan press, gazette, obituaries, classified)

1.  Sheboygan / City of Sheboygan

Nothing too shocking in this list but thought it was interesting enough to share 🙂  I was impressed that the Sheboygan Press was number 2 on the list.  Looking back over the last few months they typically find their place in the top ten.  So great job to those guys for creating their place in our community.

One odd search term that was in the top 20 was the keyword “clown”.  However, if you lived near Sheboygan around September/October I guess you would know why.

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